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I am many things – an orphan, a homeless teen, adopted, a co-worker, an entrepreneur and the subject of the documentary “Innocence Lost”

I Am Derrick Kirk.

These days I’ve been investing, mostly in the dreams of others. Literally and figuratively, I am a hope dealer. The best part about that is, business is always booming.

I’ve taken more losses in life than I should have been able to afford. I’ve been abandoned both personally and professionally – left to fend for myself and do the work that normally takes a village, all on my own. Now I see, I AM the village.

My challenges began very early in life and continued throughout. But I learned that sometimes a wrong turn actually sets you on the right path. For a myriad of reasons, growing up in an orphanage was the best thing that ever happened to me. I have since gone on to obtain a higher education degree, climb the corporate ladder at a thriving real estate firm, as well as build, develop and sell a lucrative business.

I love being an entrepreneur, and establishing a successful company was a great achievement in my life. Yet, selling my business opened the door for me to pursue other endeavors – and my mission has never been so clear.

I want to help you become your own village. Because many will run to be by your side once you’ve “made it,” but few are as eager or available to assist you in getting there. I didn’t let that stop me. Don’t let it stop you.


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