Ways on How to Live in the Moment and be Happy

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How to Live in the Moment

Ways on How to Live in the Moment and be Happy

The secret of having a good health is not to focus on the past and worry about the future, but to live in the moment happily. Eliminating all the excess baggage that is not necessary for our growth has freed us from emotions that hold us down. Having the freedom to express yourself with no hesitation is one of the best feelings in the world.

Learn How To Live In The Moment

Choosing to live in the past or prepare for the future take away your chance to enjoy today. You should know that the most important moment is the present. It is a gift given to you so take every second as if it’s your last. That’s the only way that you can realize how blessed you are to be in this world today.

With your goals in mind, consider this list of ways how to live in the moment and be happy.

  1. Focus on your life now.

In order to live in the moment, you need to focus on what is happening in your life now. Savor the present, every bit of it, the good or the bad, everything has its purpose in your life. Whether you eating a delicious meal, sipping your favorite drink, or being in your favorite place, enjoying it makes it even more special.

  1. Be thankful for little things.

No matter how small things can be, be thankful for them because it is a blessing. Noticing the small things will help you to appreciate more the bigger positive experiences that are happening in your life. Little things like listening to your favorite music, watching your favorite movies, and eating your favorite food can be a special one.

  1. Always smile.

A smile is very contagious. Putting a smile on your face can change the way you feel. It can lift up anyone spirit knowing that you show positivism in every situation. Even if you find it hard to smile because everything seems to be falling out of place, a smile can rid all the bad vibes. A smile resembles happiness, so whenever you can, give your smile to everyone.

  1. The act of random kindness.

Helping others can make you feel happy and satisfied. One act of random kindness can change a person’s view of life. Especially for those who feel so down and undergoing a traumatic experience, a little help can make them feel special. It doesn’t need to be about money or materialistic things, a little hand is all that it takes.

  1. Don’t worry.

It might sound hard but worrying today can’t change what will happen tomorrow. You only worsen the situation by overthinking about things that are uncertain. All the negative thoughts you have in mind today can turn into reality. It is impossible to live in the moment while worrying at the same time.

  1. Forget the past.

Don’t live in the past. There are things or people that might have hurt you but leave everything in the past. You can’t do anything about it but to move on. Dwelling on the past only stops you from living in the moment and creating a bright future for yourself.

  1. Love your job.

They say if you enjoy your job, you won’t feel like working at all. So no matter how hard your job is, appreciate it because not everyone has given the opportunity to have a job. If you are not happy with your job now then quit. Look for what makes you happy and can showcase your skills and talents.

  1. Think of several solutions to possible problems.

Preparing for the solutions for possible problems that can occur is a wise move. Not only that you will know what to do when that time comes but you already reduce the future stress. Don’t hesitate to research or ask someone who has undergone the same situation. But don’t think of it too much, enjoy the present while being prepared in the future.


You only live once so might as well enjoy living in the moment. Live like there is no tomorrow and it’s your last day on earth. That way, you can appreciate more the value of life. It takes practice on how to live in the moment. Learn how to find your happiness. Be positive about your views on life and know that it can make a change in your future.


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