How to Stay Positive and Happy in Life

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How to Stay Positive and Happy in LifeHow to Stay Positive and Happy in Life

There are times that it can be so hard to stay happy and positive. There are various things in life, like negative circumstances, things, and people that can make you live a life that is almost like hell. The problems that life bring are inevitable, and there is no way to avoid them from coming. One thing that almost all people may experience: one time, you’ll feel so motivated, hopeful, and positive about your future –you are loving it all. Then, all of a sudden, life will punch you in the face and doesn’t have the will on how to stay positive and happy in life.

We may have all received the well-meant advice to always stay positive. The greater the challenges are, the more that this wisdom can come across unrealistically. It is quite hard to find the motivation in focusing on the positive side when the positivity looks like nothing but a wishful thought. Read on to this article to know how to stay positive and happy in life.

Happiness and Positivity

Have you ever thought of the real capacity of your own thoughts? If yes, then you are perhaps losing about 90% of what you could achieve in your life potentially. However, there is no need to worry about it; you are not alone in this world. in the society that we are at, unluckily, the human thoughts are often referred to the level of extravagance and fantasy and it is perhaps for this particular reason that only a few of us is really positive and happy with our own lives.

Our lives and our happiness come from our thoughts and therefore, it is very significant that we choose our own thoughts properly. Always bear in mind that a positive mindset can create happiness while the negative ones create unhappiness.

Continue reading on to know the different ways on how to stay positive and happy!

9 Simple Ways On How To Stay Positive And Happy

Instead of avoiding the negativeness in life, dealing with them are the best things to do. Here are the top 9 simple ways on how to stay positive and happy:

  1. Express your inner feelings

    There is a great relief when we are able to let all the negative emotions off our chest, and get rid of the entire emotional luggage. You must find someone that you can trust fully. The one that you can talk to and is willing to listen to all your problems in life. Someone who can understand and feel what you are going through. If you have no one to talk to, you may write all your inner feelings in a journal. This will serve as your outlet, wherein you can write down whatever you want.


  1. Give to charity

    Helping other people may be a good way to boost your happiness and spiritual health. As you are focusing more on how to give or be a good service to others, the lesser the attention that you will give to all the negative things and people that surrounds you. Furthermore, as you contribute to those who are less fortunate your own perspective in life will change and you will realize how lucky you will be in comparison to the others.


  1. Live a healthy life

    Negative things and people may stress you out of your own wits and may weaken your health. Hence, live as healthy as you can in order to stay resilient in the face of negativity.


  1. Listen to motivational talks

    As challenges and negativity arise, our own motivation fades out and we start to doubt if we could ever attain our own goals. In order for us to stay inspired and positive, you can listen to various motivational talks. They may be of a great help in giving additional motivation in life.

  2. Develop your spirituality

    If you have a higher power, you can do wonders for your own life. if you happen to be a Christian, you can fill your mind with Godly verses that may give you peace of mind.


  1. Always say something positive about every negative statement

    Always say or think of something positive in every negative statement that you encounter. If you are in a conversation and cannot think of anything to reply, just say thank you, and then carry on.


  1. Don’t ever give a damn

    This does not mean that you will stop caring about other people in your life. This only suggests that you stop worrying or thinking about others might be thinking about you.


  1. Find time to laugh

    Laughing is the best thing to relieve stress. Even just for a minute, laugh every day. This will make you happy and positive the whole day.


  1. Make effort in finding the positive in everything

    You cannot control what may happen to you. But you can always look for the positive side in everything. If someone tends to criticize you harshly, thank him or her for his or her respected insight. If you think positively, then the result will be positive too.

Do all of these 9 things on how to stay positive and happy and soon you will find yourself enjoying life. Even with all the challenges that may arise, you will stay positive and happy!


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