The Future is in Your Hands

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The Future is in Your HandsThe Future is in Your Hands

Humans are all unique, but despite this fact, one thing that makes everyone the same is that we all want to live life to the fullest. There are many ways that can make us happy and it is up to us to make it last. Being happy is not a constant feeling, no matter how bright we see the future, there will still times that we will face struggles and hardships. It is in you how you can handle it because the future is in your hands.

Why is The Future is in Your Hands

However, nothing is impossible. If we try our best to be positive all the time then we can end up feeling happy and fulfilled. Living life to the fullest does not mean that you will do crazy stuff like jumping out of a plane, diving in the deep ocean, or getting close with dangerous species. The future is in your hands, whatever makes you happy can make you live happily.

To give you some ideas what can make you live in the moment, here are some simple ways to enjoy your life.

  1. Go On A Vacation

You know you can’t wait to be out on a vacation and the right time is now. Imagine how exciting it will be to be on a place where you can relax and just let loose. The act alone of planning to a trip can actually make you happy. Studies even show that anticipating a vacation can increase someone’s happiness.

  1. End A Bad Relationship

If you are just waiting for signs to push you to get out of a bad relationship, then I suggest that you end it this time. Being in a bad relationship is way worse than being single. You are just wasting your time trying to be happy and hopeful to a dying and failing relationship. All you can do is set yourself free and trust your gut feeling that you did it for the best.

  1. Don’t Live Under Your Fear

Living with fear in your heart will only harm your health. We all face a bad experience from the past but that does not define you. You have to move on at some point and continue with your life. Overcome your fears and challenge yourself every day. Let go of the hurt and with simple steps, you can be happy again.

  1. Have fun.

Remember your childhood days when you used to be carefree about everything. All that matters to you is to wake up and play? Well, being a grown up change everything but it should not take away the fun side of you. You can always make things that bring out happiness in you and help you to cherish your childhood memories. It does not necessarily mean that you will act childish but to feel the same happiness you felt before.

  1. Turn Off Your Phones/Computers

This one is a must. With all the wonderful creations in the world, you often forget to appreciate other things. You are missing a lot just by focusing on your gadgets 24/7. Take some time to give yourself a rest with these material things. Try to be more environmentalist, go on a hike, swim on a beach, or just relax under the sun. It might be a surprise that you will get to enjoy keeping your bare feet on the sand instead of sitting around staring at your phone.

  1. Make A Balance Work Life

Being responsible for your job is a good thing, but making sure to balance it with your life is better. Having a social life lets you enjoy what life has to offer while maintaining that you have enough resources to sustain your wants and needs in life. Consider your priorities on your top list yet make sure that don’t forget to make the people you love happy, and yourself of course.

  1. Focus On The Positivity

There is a power in positive thinking. If you have the right mind then you will see life clearly. Even this world is crowded with crimes and violence, if you see something good in a bad situation, then you give hope for the future. Instead of taking your problems seriously, think of solutions and just have the faith that if good things come to an end, so are the bad things.


It might seem a cliché when you hear someone says that your future lies in your hands. But it’s true. What will happen to you in the future has a connection with what are you doing now? If you are being lazy today and let go of all the opportunities that come in your life, then expect that your future will end in a tragic failure. So if you want to face a bright future then make a count of every second and work hard.


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